Founded in 1978, DM operates both in manufacturing moulds and in moulding thermoplastic items: this fact represents an advantage for the final customer. The over 30 years experience, the continuous cooperation with the customer, the particular attention towards the technological innovations and professionalism led the company to achieve the best results.

DM covers a surface of over 4.000 m2; the functional and executive offices, as well as the workshop moulding division, an area for successive treatments, raw material warehouse and the manufactured goods find place in an extremely pleasant working environment.

Besides the traditional machineries, the workshop has high speed CNC machining centers, die sinking and wire EDM in order to guarantee high precision and reliability of the moulds. The internal workshop grants several advantages: regular maintenance schedules, the chance of an immediate repair of the mould in case of failure and the possibility of making the modifications requested by the customer immediately.

The production department has 25 injection presses ranging from 45 to 260 ton. in order to satisfy a wide range of production requests.

A careful production schedule enables on time deliveries while the quality control ensures the ISO standards.