DM was founded as a company specialized in the production of technical/aesthetic items, in particular for the pharmaceutical (caps, sample tubes and micro test tubes, disposable tips, samples caps), chemical, electro-technical (satellite alarms, cleaning robots for swimming pools), lightening and design sector.

In all these sectors quality and precision are the required elements.
The know-how together with the active cooperation with the customer guarantee the best support in co-designing and in the industrialization of the products.

Our assembling and finishing department can obtain a product which is ready for the final delivery.
Precision and high quality
These products, due to their specific use, need to be manufactured in large amounts, with the highest precision level and high quality: only with a programmed maintenance schedule these conditions are guarantee.

The packaging is automatically done, only after a random quality test; we also have a blister pack plant and a ultrasonic welding one.
New materials
The close cooperation with the suppliers allows us to be always updated on new materials, on their features and applications.

We acquired much experience in the use of techno polymers as PSU, PETP, PPS, PPO, PA, POM, PC, PMMA.
Design articles
Design articles in transparent polycarbonate (PC) and polypropylene.

We particularly care the repeatability and uniformity of the colours.

Our experience allows us to offer the customer a good advise on the right choice of the materials to be used for the realization of the product.